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DVD Review of "Why Sturgis?"

2006 review by Garry Ladwig, Editor

Thunder Roads: Indiana and Illinois Harley-Davidson News

Two Indiana filmmakers set out to make another documentary about Sturgis. My first opinion was "hold on here goes another film showing bikes rolling into Sturgis, a few cute butts along with some interviews of the average biker before the story graduates to some super-rich movie star and follows his posse on their travels to this Mecca of motorcycles..."

Well, yes “Why Sturgis?” had some of the usual scenes of bikes riding through main street and the scantily dressed gals. What was new and exciting (at least to me) was the other parts of the film. Although many have covered the history of the rally, filmmakers Martin Schliessmann and John Brune included some great interviews with the first lady of Sturgis, Pearl Hoel, as well as JackPine Gypsies member Neil Hultman, and South Bend, Indiana native Mac Trench telling his story of his ride to Sturgis and explaining what the rally means to him.

What sets this movie apart from other Sturgis documentaries was the rest of the film, the history of the town itself--life in Sturgis the other 51 weeks of the year as well as a decent coverage of the other tourist attractions that bring 2 and 4 wheelers back to South Dakota time and time again. "Why Sturgis?" would make a great addition to any biker’s video library and will not only inform you but also keep you entertained throughout.

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