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presents a feature-length documentary on DVD by MARTIN SCHLIESSMANN and JOHN BRUNE

Program Content Info

Chapters Include:

• The community of Sturgis, South Dakota.
• Views of the city and state, both with AND without the Rally.
• History of the area’s settlement by Native Americans, gold miners, soldiers, and residents.
• Founding and building Sturgis, SD.
• Biography of town’s founder/namesake: Civil War veteran and unapologetic “Indian Fighter” Col. Samuel D. Sturgis.
• History of nearby Bear Butte and Fort Meade: What do Crazy Horse, George Custer, and THE National Anthem have to do with Sturgis?
• How the Rally began in 1938 told by someone who was there, as well as members of the Jackpine Gypsies motorcycle club.
• The myth of the “bad biker” element is disputed and the touring community is explored.
• The exploration of how important a “tourism economy” is to a city and state.

Sites Visited - On Location!

• Sturgis, SD area during Rally dates
• Sturgis, SD area during non-Rally dates
• Badlands National Park, SD
• Bear Butte Mountain and State Park, SD
• Black Hills National Forest, SD
• Crazy Horse Memorial and Mountain Sculpture. SD
• Custer State Park, SD
• Historic Fort Meade and Museum, SD
• Mount Rushmore National Memorial, SD
• Various South Dakota outdoor attractions and historic sites
• Devils Tower National Monument, WY
• Arlington National Cemetery, VA
• Homes and offices of those interviewed

Cast and Crew

Narrated by:
Mark Baker

Additional Voiceovers by:
Doug Welks as Col. Samuel D. Sturgis
Edward E. Kikendall
Tim Langston
Eric Olson
Tom Quirk
Lori Hutchings-Schliessmann
Martin Schliessmann
Jodie Brune
John Brune

Written and Directed by:
Martin Schliessmann

Videography and Editing by:
John Brune

Associate Producers:
Jodie Brune
Lori Hutchings-Schliessmann

Executive Producers:
John Brune
Martin Schliessmann

Production Assistant:
Tom Simmons

Motorcycle Consultant:
Doug Welks

Music produced exclusively for “Why Sturgis?” includes performances by:
Chelsea Brune
Laura Brune
Genevieve Trench

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